Migrate your site to Drupal 8!

This great tool helps you to make initial migration estimation of your Drupal 6 or Drupal 7 to Drupal 8.

Drupal 8 is the latest and greatest version of the popular content management framework (CMF), powering everything from easy websites to difficult sites. Drupal 8 uses sectors: Agriculture, Arts, Banking and Financial, Beauty and Fashion, Blogging, Community, E-Commerce, Education, Enterprise, Entertainment, Government, Healthcare, Legal Industry, Manufacturing and Energy, Media, Music, Non-profit, Publishing, Real Estate, Religious organizations, Retail and Distribution, Small business, Social Networking, Sports, Startups, Technology, Telecommunications, Travel and Hospitality, etc.

There are many reasons to upgrade to Drupal 8. CMF builds on the strengths of Drupal 6 and 7 while bringing exciting new functionalities to the table. It makes sense to upgrade both from earlier versions and sometimes from different content management systems. The upgrade offers lots of benefits. Drupal 8 best to set up for developers and site builders, convenient for content editors, also better for site visitors.

Drupal 8 has over 200 new features and improvements! The 8 version uses Symfony 2 – which is essentially the powerhouse for D8 backend. The flexibility in D8 and its extraordinary feature set provide an excellent solution for the future of your business. Support and development of Drupal 8 are much cheaper than many other CMS. So in the future, you will not spend excessive funds for the development of your business.

Drupal 8 Migration & Upgrade

The direction of update from Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 Regardless of the data complexity, we can help you move on from a Drupal 6/7 to Drupal 8. For details, contact us.

Migration to Drupal 8

Image Migration to Drupal 8 Are you looking for help with a Drupal upgrade & migration? Regardless of the site complexity, we can help you move from a custom or another CMS to the latest version of Drupal 8.


Image Development If you need a web resource that is scalable professional and high-performing and also meets the unique technology needs of your business. If you engage with an organization's content and data across many different touch points, all with their own unique requirements. Your business is no longer confined to the traditional avenues of websites or native mobile applications; customers can also connect to his resource, сreated using a decoupled drupal. For details contact us.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to Drupal 8.

1. More security

Image More security

Security is always a top priority and Drupal 8 has made a great effort to beef up its already solid reputation as one of the most secure CMS's/CMF's around.

2. Growth potential

Image Growth potential

The reason Drupal is such a popular platform is how much you can do with it. And one of its big hidden strengths is how easy it is to change and grow with your organization. You can start very small, with a basic brochure site, and gradually add community features, groups, e-commerce, workflows, rating systems, publishing engines, mapping systems, etc...

3. Performance/faster page loading

Image Performance/faster page loading

Drupal 8 performance is better. Some groups are doing benchmarks related to various PHP versions - the new PHP 7, Facebook's alternative "HHVM", and older PHP 5.6, but the key out is how much more requests Drupal can handle compared to WordPress.

Picking out Drupal 8 with caching enabled on PHP7, compared to WordPress 4.4 with caching enabled on PHP7. One benchmark found Drupal handling 230 requests per second, compared with only 40 requests per second for WordPress - almost 6 times as much requests.

It loads pages much faster than Drupal 7 and Drupal 6. Drupal 8 loads JavaScript only when required and it can load content from the cache instead of loading from the database. Even one or two seconds extra in page loading speed is a big deal. Longer page loading times will almost guarantee lost visitors who may move onto your competitors.

4. Mobile optimized and responsive

Image Mobile optimized and responsive

Drupal 8 focuses on mobile device compliance. This helps development teams to concentrate on business logic, rather than device compatibility. Meaning that your desktop design will automatically adjust as required for smaller display screens. This saves the time it would require to design two interfaces.

5. Better content management

Image Better content management

The WYSIWYG editor simplifies all aspects of editing. You can easily add, edit or delete content. The addition of CKEditor enables content editors to create drafts easily and edit content in any page without reverting to the full edit form.

6. Strong and very stable code

Image Strong and very stable code

Organizations that make use of proprietary software solutions or CMS have been shown to change platforms frequently. However, with Drupal 8, you will never have to switch other CMS. The code is specifically designed for the future and it ensures the safety and security of your digital projects for the year.

7. Built-in web services or decoupled drupal

Image Built-in web services or decoupled drupal

You may use Drupal 8 as an open data source and come with output content in other formats like JSON, or XML. Posting data from the front end to Drupal is also allowed. Decoupled Drupal (or headless Drupal ) allows the developer to utilize any technology to render the front-end experience in lieu of the theming and presentation layers in Drupal.

8. Twig

Image Twig

Twig templating engine makes the theming experience simpler and more powerful with unprecedented flexibility.

9. Multilingual

Image Multilingual

Powerful multilingual capabilities for easy auto-translation of ANY content. Drupal 8 auto-detects the language from your browser settings and auto-selects it during the installation process. Accessible across nearly 100 different languages, giving your website the potential for global reach. Furthermore, D8 automatically downloads the latest interface translations from the Drupal official website, enabling you to perform an entire site installation and setup in your native language.

10. Easy Integration With Third-Party Software

Image Easy Integration With Third-Party Software

Drupal 8 integrates easily with third-party systems and software. Now, on top of having access to a vast range of Drupal modules, you can integrate data with almost any application to increase the functionality of your website.

What does this service provide?

This service provides estimation upgrade process of your Drupal 6 or Drupal 7 project to the Drupal 8 based project.

If you have the plan to switch your project on the major version of Drupal core, this service definitely should be the first tool in the interesting journey of transformation your project into modern, easily deployable, easily maintainable, secure project.

You will be able to see what should be done and how much time you need for the upgrade process.

How does it work?

This service works with the Drupal 8 upgrade evaluation

So as the first step install the module to your project.

Then prepare estimation report on the module page.

Submit your estimation report at the upload report page.

Then you will be able to see generated estimation result.

What is the module?

The module provides important functionality:

Image Preparing for a data update
  • Preparing calculation data
  • Providing verification function for anti-spam purposes
  • Anonymization function so private data will keep private
  • Automatization function for generating estimation result with minimum steps.
  • In order of improvement and optimization of upgrade process that can be changing through the time another part of calculation processed on the service site.

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