For what the module "Drupal 8 upgrade evaluation" is intended?

  • Upgrade Check module allows quickly estimate Drupal project for migration to Drupal 8.
  • Versions of the module are available for Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 versions.
  • Module analyzes project compatibility, prepares data and shows a detailed report on the service site.


To estimate migration as accurately as possible, follow these tips:
1. Please disable modules and themes that are not used on the site. Because they increase the time for migration.
2. Delete all entities: users, nodes, comments, files, taxonomy terms, that you do not use. Because they increase the time for migration.
3. If you have enabled the "Background Process" module, disable it. Because there is a compatibility issue for this modules.

The audit consists of two parts:

Part 1: Drupal 7 or Drupal 6 module and report generation​​​​​​​:
Install the module. The role of this part is to process some required information from the Drupal site. The information will be downloaded in the file of JSON type file.
Part2: Service site and evaluation of the upgrade process​​​​​​​:
So you have generated report file. Prepared report fromPart 1above should be uploaded to the Service site by the following link - The service uses a proprietary algorithm, input data from JSON file, and other factors to generate a final report which calculates the time required for the migration.


You need to take few steps to generate the report:
1. Download the module. Use the optimal way to install that fits your project
module delivery method via manual installing, drush or composer:

Manual way

Download module "Drupal 8 upgrade evaluation" on the project page

Drush way

drush dl upgrade_check -y

Composer way

composer require drupal/upgrade_check

2. Enable module via admin UI or Drush.
3. After installation go to configuration tab and find "Drupal 8 upgrade evaluation" (admin/config/upgrade-check/evaluation).
4. If you need to be able to work with the module for other user roles on the site, go to page "admin/people/permissions" for Drupal 7 or "admin/user/permissions" for Drupal 6 and add the "administer upgrade check" permissions to the required role.
5. Once the module has loaded click "Analyze".
6. Now, this module will start analyzing your website.
7. Once the module has completed the analysis, press "Download JSON".
8. Do not disable the "Drupal 8 upgrade evaluation" module until you download JSON file to resource and do not get estimate result. Because the "Drupal 8 upgrade evaluation" module is needed to confirm verifying the ownership of your website.
9. After downloading JSON File, for manual way, upload it to with your credentials(you have to log in or register) to estimate your website. There is an available version to estimate your web resource without authorization.But in this case, the estimation result will be kept for a limited time. When automatic synchronization will be available, simply go to the service site Log in, using access data that willbeavailable on "/admin/config/upgrade-check/result" page of your site. Estimation results will be available on resource on the profile page.
10. Your estimated resources will be available on your profile page on the service site. Also, a link will be sent to your e-mail, where the assessment of your web resource will be available.
11. Enjoy the result.

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